Fragment: Testimonial

I was staying in a hotel so I didn’t have hardly anything for supper, just a energy bar and a can of tuna with pork rinds I bought over at the gas station.  I had to go borrow a can opener from the lady at the front desk and she was just the nicest black lady and she had some kinda accent, like maybe Caribbean.  She’d had some trouble with guests runnin off with the corkscrew so I looked her square in the eye and gave her my warmest gaze and said I will bring this can opener right back, and I could tell she felt that that look came with the Lord’s imprimatur and I didn’t look at a woman that way unless I meant it and she said OK sir, not a ounce of care in her voice.  Anyway it’s hard to walk righteous on the road, least on this road it is.  I see them men lookin at me on the highway, guys on Harleys or Suzukis, guys buyin almonds at the rest stops gripping quarters in their sinewed fingers and yeah I feel sinful urges and yeah I think darkly of them but you know what, I don’t need that to be happy and I don’t need that for my life to feel full.  I come out of the Virginia Welcome Center with a full heart and a wakeful soul and I figure the Lord’ll cut me a little slack if I wanna roll down the window and use up a little extra gas and smell them horse farms and sing a alternative rock song.