Fragment: Mirage

Hello friends I want to bring your attention to a exciting new business adventure in the Kannapolis Mooresville region.  We are a business that specialize in custom made and crafted furniture for concealing weapons and other valuables such as bracelets.  Want to have your handgun available in case of a home invasion but don’t want children or guests to accidentally discharge the weapon or damage with oily hands well look no further here is a insuspicious shelf for hiding such small arms as handguns and submachine guns that can be conveniently disguised as a regular shelf.  Our customers demand excellence which is why we will shortly introduce larger shelves for hiding longer firearms for example the tactical shelf can easily conceal a pump-action shotgun and a AR-15 with extra accessories like a muzzle brake in case of multiple invaders.  We hope you will take a moment to examine our services and tactical products and come check out our studio we wish you a happy 4th of July and god bless our troops!!1!

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